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9 Things We Learnt This Year

Happy birthday, Mythic! We can't believe that it has been a year since we launched this lovely little dragon. Today, Alice and I shall hoard cake and virtually cheers our success - but a big milestone is nothing without a sentimental moment. What have we learnt this year through working on Mythic?

Communication Is Key

Talk about everything - it makes running things so much smoother. Know each other’s limits, strengths, and areas they might need more support. For example, Chloe feels less confident about social media and asked that Alice be Mythic's social wizard. Likewise, Alice found she could struggle at times with organisation and Chloe agreed to become Mythic's admin elf. To help us with day-to-day communication, we started a Discord chat and Google Calendar to help us both keep track of when we will both be busy, who is doing what and when, and so on. This has been great for helping manage Mythic's schedule.

But communication does not just apply to your blog or work - share what’s going on in your life. It’s important to separate your work and personal lives, but that doesn’t mean work friends can only discuss work together. Alice and I are friends as well as colleagues, so sometimes we just need to vent or have a friendly chit-chat before we get into the nitty-gritty of blogging.

Having Someone In Your Corner Rules!

Working with a friend who supports you is incredible. It helps make work fun and gives you a confidence boost to know someone has your back. Doing it with the right people can make it easier and make the hard tasks feel less scary. It doesn’t mean it will always be fun and that you’ll never have difficulties, but liking who you work with goes a long way.

Of course, having support applies not just to Alice and me but also to our Adventurers. The smallest acts of support mean a lot. For example, the people who regularly like or share our posts and messages from friends saying they love what we’re doing make us smile.

Planning Is Vital

While being spontaneous can be great, planning content in advance is immensely helpful. It feels much less overwhelming being able to schedule social posts and blog content; we highly recommend it!

Social Media Is Hard

Building social media is really hard! We wouldn't consider ourselves experts, but it can be tough. We have learnt a lot about managing social media this year - we hope we've gotten better over time!

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Buying Small Makes A Big Difference

Buying small will make so much more of a difference than buying from a big company. If you have ever liked our posts, sent us a coffee, or used our services, you better believe that made our week! Can't get enough of supporting small creators? There are some excellent platforms out there to support small creators and businesses, like Ko-fi and Etsy.

Know Your Limits

You have to know your limits and be willing to set boundaries for yourself - doing too much will end up with you unable to do anything. It is okay to set those boundaries and change them over time.

Pivoting Is Not Failure

Not succeeding in the way you’d hoped to doesn’t mean you failed. MM transitioned away from our original vision for it; we don’t see that as a failure but an adaptation. We learnt to accept that sometimes things don't go the way you planned - and that's okay.

You Can't Control Everything - That's Also Okay

It's very easy to overthink every small thing, especially when launching an independent creative project. Working with others makes it easier to view your work from another angle and soothe anxious thoughts. Accepting that we cannot control everything was a tough but necessary step in our growth and process.

Mindfulness and Accessibility Is Vital

A big focus for us was the importance of being mindful in all things. We tried to be as accessible as we could in our work while learning on the go. There were probably steps we missed and ways we could improve but we’re always open to doing things a better way if it will help someone. Even the act of making sure your project or piece will be useful to as many people as possible feels good and isn’t as much extra work as it is sometimes made out to be.

It's been a wild ride, and we would not trade it for the world. Thank you for your support - we couldn't do this without you. Here's to another year of Mythic!

We’ll be producing monthly blogs on wordy topics, sharing great books we love, suggesting some writing prompts to get you going, and more. Be sure to follow Mythic Manuscripts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Like what we do? Buy us a coffee today!

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