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Alternative Stories: Podcasts

Against a red brick wall, a neon sign says 'you are what you listen to'.
Photo by Mohammed Metri on Unsplash

If you caught our article on What Counts As Reading, you’ll know that we love stories of all kinds. We prefer substance over style here, and are big fans of narratives no matter their genre. Over the last couple of years, I’ve been drawn to podcasts.

The type of podcasts I usually go for fall into one of three categories: chatty, true crime, and spooky. While the non-fiction conversational and true crime podcasts are fun, I want to focus on the spooky ones; it is always spooky season in my heart.

Spooky podcasts tell either fictional or real stories from the general public. These podcasts can have one overarching plot with a cast of characters or focus on different accounts, beings, and cases each episode. Using a mixture of sound effects, music, and dramatic storytelling, podcasts blend the fun aspects of radio and audiobooks to form a unique way of telling stories. Pulling from online sources and their own audiences, there is a wealth of supernatural, scary, and haunting tales to consume year-round.

I spend the majority of my time alone writing, so podcasts keep me company. They can make me feel like I’m chatting with friends (even if I haven’t left my apartment in a week). These podcasts allow me to get spooked and still take in narratives even when I can’t read books. Being alone often adds an extra thrill when listening to scary stories - I’ve definitely double-checked that my doors are locked after some incredibly haunting tales. As reading is such a core part of my job, sometimes I just want to be told a story while I bake cookies.

On a wooden table sit a coffee mug, headphones, and iPhone playing a podcast.
Photo by Juja Han

So, you want to get into podcasts? Here are some of my favourite spooky podcasts to thrill and haunt you:

Are scary podcasts not your thing? Try these out for size:

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