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Christmas Gifts For Virtually Every Type Of Writer

People approach life differently in both their habits and thinking - it’s no wonder there are so many types of writers out there. This can make getting Christmas gifts for your writer’s group incredibly difficult. Here are some gift ideas for all kinds of writers to get you going.

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The Planner

Surprises are not pleasant for The Planner. Thorough outlines, plot points, and character notes must all be in place before The Planner cracks on with their work. This doesn’t mean that The Planner cannot improvise - but they won’t usually take enormous risks lightly, such as scrapping an entire ending.

You may be a Planner if:

  • Staying organised is key to your process.

  • You prefer to know precisely what you want to write in advance.

  • You love a detailed agenda.

Gift ideas:

The Perfectionist

You can find The Perfectionist hunched over their desk, a long-cold beverage at their side as they pour over a thesaurus and their work. Perfectionist writers rewrite and redraft their work continuously and have a hard time letting it go. You may be a Perfectionist if:

  • You are very attached to your work.

  • Thesaurus is life.

  • You obsess over finding the right way to express your story.

Gift ideas:

The Secret Scribbler

You will never see The Secret Scribbler writing. Why? Because they treat writing as a secret mission. Whether they are just starting, are embarrassed at their perceived quality, or don’t want anyone to read their work, it can be hard to catch them. Secret Scribblers are often fanfic authors, new writers, or ghostwriters.

You may be a Secret Scribbler if:

  • You meticulously hide your notes and WIPs.

  • You tell a select few about your work.

  • Even fewer people get to read your work.

Gift ideas:

The Intellectual

Only the best will do for The Intellectual; obscure works, high literature, and classics are staples for their bookshelves. The Intellectual is truly the hipster snob of the art world, and we say that in the most loving way.

You may be an Intellectual if:

  • You talk about writing facts and your process more than writing.

  • You adore high literature and obscure authors.

  • You are always ready to give tips on others’ writing.

Gift ideas:

The Cheetah

The Cheetah is a NaNoWriMo machine. These writers practically have dust flying off their keys with the rate they produce written work. They know what they want to say and how to say it fast. Efficiency and high energy periods are critical with The Cheetah.

You may be a Cheetah if:

  • You experience periods of high productivity.

  • You can churn out a lot of work very quickly.

  • You always know what you want to say.

Gift ideas:

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The Turtle

The polar opposite of The Cheetah is The Turtle. Turtles take things slow and work carefully through each step of their process. It may take them months or even years to finish their WIP, but you know that it has been crafted with ultimate pride and care.

You may be a Turtle if:

  • You like to take your time writing.

  • You may have long periods of inactivity.

  • You believe that a little bit of work each day is best.

Gift ideas:

The Hoarder

If you ever need a book, look to The Hoarder. The Hoarder practically has their own library with the number of books and journals at their disposal. They hoard all types of books and knowledge, looking to learn as much as they can before writing.

You may be a Hoarder if:

  • You regularly trip over your book piles.

  • Your TBR is miles long.

  • You spend more time reading and researching than writing.

Gift ideas:

The Improv

The polar opposite of The Planner is The Improv. Going with the flow is as natural as breathing for this writer. They have a pretty decent idea of what they want to say but march on ahead instead of worrying about the details.

You may be an Improv if:

  • You love one-way tickets.

  • You often let yourself figure things out on the fly.

  • You’re an improv comic.

Gift ideas:

The Storyteller

The Storyteller may not always be stood in front of a captivated audience reciting their latest work. They are also often found in your home or the local pub, ready to answer questions about their eventful pasts. Perhaps they have lived through some incredible or harrowing experiences - either way, you are bound to hear something special.

You may be a Storyteller if:

  • You’ve heard ‘you should write a book about that’ at least twice.

  • You love to journal.

  • You have seen some shit.

Gift ideas:

The Introvert

The Introvert is the original writer stereotype, one that we are all familiar with. They prefer books to people, dream about writing in a cottage in the woods, and typically can be found with their nose in a journal or book.

You may be an Introvert if:

  • You cancel plans to read and write.

  • You work best alone.

  • You prefer smaller groups over large gatherings.

Gift ideas:

The Idea Fountain

Never short on story ideas, The Idea Fountain always has new details and plotlines to consider. Their to-write list is continually growing, and there is always something new brewing. The Idea Fountain may have trouble committing to a single narrative and may have several unfinished WIPs at once.

You may be an Idea Fountain if:

  • Inspiration is everywhere.

  • Anyone can be a character.

  • Sticky notes are your lifeblood.

Gift ideas:

The Escapist

The Escapist is always waiting for a spare moment to run back to their WIP. They tend to get lost in creating their world and use it as an escape from their reality. Whether they are bored with their current circumstances or are unsatisfied with their life, The Escapist will always crave writing like nothing else.

You may be an Escapist if:

  • You are eternally daydreaming of your WIP.

  • You fantasise about a writing career.

  • You can spend hours crafting your world.

Gift ideas:

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The Jack-Of-All-Trades

Always ready to try something once, The Jack-Of-All-Trades has dabbled in a bit of everything. This approach means that they have approximate knowledge of many styles that they can adapt to whatever they are working on. Like The Idea Fountain, The Jack-Of-All-Trades may have trouble sticking to one WIP at a time.

You may be a Jack-Of-All-Trades if:

  • You love learning different writing forms and styles.

  • You’ll give anything a go once.

  • You can’t settle on one voice or form.

Gift ideas:

The Storyboarder

Sticky notes are bound to cover at least one wall for The Storyboarder. They prefer to draw out their ideas as a part of their writing process. Storyboarders tend to plan their work in a highly visual way that may be illegible to anyone but them.

You may be a Storyboarder if:

  • You sketch out your scenes and characters.

  • You tend to doodle in margins and corners.

  • Sticky notes are crucial.

Gift ideas:

The Socialite

You can find a socialite in every writer’s group. The Socialite tends to be a good writer and is always up for a group meeting in a cafe or the local watering hole. The Socialite can chat with pretty much anyone and loves taking part in workshops.

You may be a Socialite if:

  • You are often described as a chameleon or ambivert.

  • You love in-person writer’s meetings.

  • You can get along with pretty much anyone.

Gift ideas:

The Confessor

Getting up close and personal is crucial for The Confessor. For them, writing is cathartic, a way to explore their traumas or past experiences. Personal anecdotes can be weaved into their work with ease, regardless of if it goes to print or stays squirrelled away in their desk drawer.

You may be a Confessor if:

  • You give your characters your flaws or traumas.

  • You use writing as a form of therapy or exploration.

  • Writing is cathartic for you.

Gift ideas:

The Natural

The Natural is not someone who has taken extensive writing courses and studied language intensely. They seem to have an innate sense for storytelling and crafting engaging narratives. First drafts usually need very little work done to them to be polished, and they can pick apart TV shows or books with ease.

You may be a Natural if:

  • You create decent first drafts.

  • You have a natural sense of story and pacing.

  • Multiple people have admitted to envying your abilities.

Gift ideas:

The Modernist

A lover of screens, The Modernist prefers to keep things minimal and convenient. They prefer kindles over books and have a variety of programmes on their laptops and tablets to help them keep organised while writing.

You may be a Modernist if:

  • You prefer your Kindle or e-Reader.

  • All of your writing is done digitally.

  • You are a connoisseur of writing and editing software.

Gift ideas:

A woman in a red velvet dress holds some paper-wrapped parcels.
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The Student

There are plenty of Student types out there. Whether they study Creative Arts or have to write a lot of assignments, you can often find them glued to their books and computers. There are many sub-categories of Students, but we will save those for another article. You can usually identify them by their raccoon eyes and addiction to caffeinated beverages.

You may be a Student if:

  • You go to college, university, or take writing courses.

  • You get spooked at the mere mention of assignment deadlines.

  • Your sleep schedule is a mess.

Gift ideas:

The Icon

Unlike The Student, Icons are rare. Icons are the Greats, and their work will be beloved and studied for years to come. Many people believe that they are an Icon, but only time will tell if that label applies to them.

You may be an Icon if:

  • Your work is more beloved after your death.

  • Your stories are studied in classrooms and lecture halls.

  • You identify with the famous authors of the past.

Gift ideas:

The Freelancer

Our favourite type! The Freelancer is similar to The Jack-Of-All-Trades in that they often have experience in a variety of mediums and often have multiple WIPs on the go at once. They are masters at working towards deadlines and working with others but can find it difficult to remember their style after emulating clients’ ones for so long.

You may be a Freelancer if:

  • You write for multiple blogs, magazines, or websites.

  • You make money and sign contracts for your work.

  • You are used to juggling multiple projects at one time.

Gift ideas:

What do you think of our list? What type of writer are you? Did you get any inspiration for literary Christmas gifts? Let us know!

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